Welcome to Hourglass Cymru


Hourglass is the only charity dedicated to calling time on the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people across the United Kingdom. With more than 25 years’ experience and expertise, our mission is to listen, advise and support vulnerable older people and those affected by abuse and neglect throughout the UK.


We will influence, challenge and educate society and work in partnership to bring about real and positive change.


Every year, more than a million older people are physically, psychologically, financially, or sexually abused, or neglected in the UK. That’s one in six older people who are victims of abuse.


This is a truly damning indictment of how our society views and values older people. Sadly, the abuse of older people is not a new issue, but one that has now reached a critical threshold that can no longer be ignored, nor tolerated.


Hourglass in Wales:

  • Hourglass will continue to lobby and influence the legal and criminal justice framework and the Welsh Government to protect older people from abuse and create a national conversation around safer ageing.

  • We will continue to tailor the way we communicate all campaigns and services to Welsh audiences, with a commitment to investing in our Helpline to ensure the availability of a bilingual service.

  • We aim to shed light on institutional barriers to services for BME and other minority groups in Wales by bringing together a diverse portfolio of case studies.


Previously Action on Elder Abuse, Hourglass is proud to represent older people across the United Kingdom by combining our experience and expertise across the four countries.