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These are our aims



Hourglass Cymru:

Hourglass will continue to lobby and influence the legal and criminal justice framework and the Welsh Government to protect older people from abuse and create a national conversation around safer ageing.


We will continue to tailor the way we communicate all campaigns and services to Welsh audiences, with a commitment to investing in our Helpline to ensure the availability of a bilingual service.


We aim to shed light on institutional barriers to services for minority group older people in Wales by bringing together a diverse portfolio of case studies.




Hourglass will campaign and advocate tirelessly to put the abuse of older people and the urgent need for a safer ageing agenda at the fore of all strategic thinking on exploitation, abuse and neglect.


We will collaborate with other frontline organisations to develop a robust knowledge bank, such that all our work is sensitive to the diversity amongst the older people we support.


We will tackle financial abuse of older people, working within the financial and third sectors to share knowledge, good practice and expertise to better understand and prevent exploitation.


We will take these insights, alongside our expert network of influencers, patrons and practitioners, to the heart of decision-making and illuminate the seriousness of abuse of older people.


We will seek to raise the profile of the risks associated with ageing by commissioning in-depth research that highlights the voices and stories of those we support. We will demand greater transparency and access to data concerning adult safeguarding and crimes against older people – across all societal groups.


We seek to establish authority as the leading expert on the abuse, harm and exploitation of older people. Hourglass is the first port of call for media and policy shaping.